Where to go in La Serena

The Historic Quarter or Foundational Casco of the city was declared a Typical Zone by the National Council of National Assets in 1989 and has 170 hectares, which makes it the largest typical urban area in the country, where some of the the most attractive and interesting buildings in the city.

Its marked neocolonial and eclectic style that can be seen in most of its buildings and aristocratic mansions of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries merges with public buildings made during the government of President Gabriel González Videla for the well-known Plan Serena giving it a character unique architectural in the country.

The Archaeological Museum of La Serena , which occupies an old corner lot where its interesting 19th century stone portal is preserved. Inside is the most important archaeological sample of the ancient indigenous cultures of the area, Ánimas, Molle, Huentelauquén and Diaguita, who as their main legacy left their development in the pottery of earthy colors.

Inside the museum is also one of the 3 Moais that are outside of Easter Island, and that is continuously taken to exhibitions abroad, in addition to some objects of Polynesian culture.

It is also important to highlight the interest that attracts La Serena, to be known as the "City of the Bells" , since it is the city that had the most religious orders in its history, each of which had its own venue to impart their religious knowledge, reaching to have more than 29 churches in the historic center of the city.

The Japanese Park Kokoro No Niwa is an excellent place to go as a family, with lagoons, islands and bridges, it is a beautiful path steps from the center. It is also interesting the mural of Gregorio de La Fuente (MN), located inside the building of the Former Railway Station. Another of the routes that historically have called the community of Serenen to recreate is the beautiful Alameda Avenue Francisco de Aguirre, considered an Open Air Museum, has 37 original replicas of Greek sculptures, all in marble.