About us

Serena Suite Hotel, has become an ideal holiday setting for tourists who want to rest and relax as well as executives who visit our city for business.

The hotel offers an ideal location close to the main attractions of the city and a wide variety of services near the hotel that will allow you to have a comfortable stay. Our hotel is only 5 minutes from downtown, 5 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from the airport. Nearby attractions include Mall Plaza La Serena, Japanese Park, and Recova.

Serena Suite Hotel, also consists of 4 rooms prepared for conferences, trainings, and another event room perfect for celebrations such as degrees and marriages with a capacity of 300 people.

On the other hand Serena Suite Hotel has recently linked with Easter Island to be located in this year, a Moai of more than three meters made by the world-renowned artist, Bene Tuki, thus becoming a must-see point for all person who comes to know La Serena.

Do not hesitate to contact us we will be your best choice in the Region.