We are a Hotel aware of the environment it has and how important the environment is to us as a tourist destination, which is why the fundamental objective of our activity is to offer the best facilities and services with the least possible environmental impact.

In order to carry out this important task, the environmental variable is incorporated into all our processes, such as the planning of new improvement projects and the provision of a service, which makes it possible to carry them out, with the minimum possible environmental and social impact, guaranteeing environmental quality, economic progress and conservation of natural values.

Another aspect that we take into account for the development of our activity, is the sociocultural one, because we understand that our tourist destination is enriched by the culture, traditions, gastronomy and idiosyncrasies of its people, that is why it is paramount for us, that all our clients know and experience it.

All this means that Hotel SERENA SUITE establishes a commitment that responds to social and environmental demands that guarantee sustainable development based on the following principles:

o Respect the Environment as a basic objective.
o Promote the reuse, recycling and waste management, in a manner that respects the environment.
o Minimize the consumption of energy, through energy efficiency.
o Minimize consumption and make efficient use of the aquifer resource.
o Periodically supervise the application and compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes, in order to prevent contamination.
o Raise awareness and adequately train all hotel employees in a continuous way, on issues related to the improvement of quality, safety and the environment.
o Provide our clients with information related to our principles on Sustainable Development and the management we do to preserve the environment and local culture.
o Provide equality of job opportunities to members of the local community, without any discrimination.
o Declare publicly to the company, against the exploitation of human beings in any of its forms, especially sexual and in particular when it affects children.

May 2017