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La Serena

The city of La Serena is located in of Chile´s IV Region, about 472 kilometers from the city of Santiago, it is distinguished by the city tha settles between the sea and the Valle del Elqui, besides its beautiful colonial architecture that still distinguished.

Its climate is very nice because its summer temperatures range between 15 ° C and 20 ° C. As for the beaches are concentrated from the famous Lighthouse Serena throughout the Avenida del Mar,where there is a lot of daytime and evening entertainment.

Within its cuisine, highlights the rich and aromatic Papaya, exquisite Pisco in the preparation of excellent drinks, in addition to their seafood where its cuisine is based.

Things to do in La Serena

Most attractive National monuments are:

  • Church of San Francisco dating back to 1627.
  • Providence House
  • House Carmona.
  • Chapel San Juan de Dios.
  • The Cathedral
  • Museo Casa González Videla

Most located near the Plaza de Armas.

You can also visit the famous market known as La Recova.