Reservation Policies


1. Foreign guests exempt from VAT payment, only if they present a passport and entry card to the country stamped in international police, making the payment in Dollars (USD).
2. National guests, must consider the payment of the tariff with the included VAT, being the currency of payment in Chilean Pesos.


1. Response to request for reservations within 24 business hours following the request.
2. To confirm reservations, it is required to provide the credit card information or transfer or deposit of 50% or 100% of the total amount of the stay. The maximum term for payment is 72 hours, after your reservation has been made. In case the reservation is made close to the date or hours before check-in, the reservation credit method must be coordinated with the reservation manager. Otherwise, the reservation will be considered as tentative only.
3. Tentative reservations will remain in force, only while there is no new reservation on the same date ready to guarantee it with prepayment. In this case, you will be informed immediately and the reservation will be deleted.
4. The Hotel, for major reasons, reserves the right to cancel a pre-reservation within the period between the completion of the pre-booking until 10 days before the date of entry to the Hotel. This is provided that an authorized payment has not been made by our Hotel, by means of a confirmation email.


? Entrance to the hotel (Check in);
The check-in is from 14:00 hrs. You can get ahead depending on the availability of the hotel. If your arrival at the hotel is early in the morning, we will take care of your luggage until the delivery of the room.
? Departure from the hotel (Check out);
The check out must be done before noon (12: 00hrs).
? Modifications;
Modifications to confirmed reservations will be subject to availability and will be accepted with a period exceeding 30 days in high season and 15 days before the arrival of the passenger at the hotel in the low season.
? Children policy:
Children under 8 years of age do not pay for accommodation, so adults over this age are considered adults and pay for accommodation as such. Maximum per room of 1 child under 8 years old, paying an additional fee from the second child under 8 years of age who enters the room.
? Late Check-Out: If you want to retire between 12:00 hrs. and 18:00 hrs, you must cancel ½ extra day, if the withdrawal is after 18:00 hrs, a full day will be charged. In both cases you should check if the hotel has the necessary availability.

? No-Show: The full day will be charged.

? Advance term of stay (whichever is the case): The pax must advise 24 hours in advance of withdrawal, this does not entitle to refund of money in any case, only voucher will be given for the remaining stay so that it can be used in the rest of the year, prior reservation and availability.

? Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms and interior areas of the Hotel, in accordance with current legal regulations.
? Pets are not allowed in the hotel.


- 10 Days before your check in, you may cancel your reservation and 100% of your deposit will be refunded.
- From 9 to 3 days before your check in, you may cancel your reservation, but a charge equivalent to 1 night of your stay will be made.
- If you cancel your reservation from 2 days before the date of your check out, 100% of your stay will be charged.